Chronicle of a village (Heraldo Escolar

«All right, then what kind of teacher are you?» they asked a good teacher friend one day. And he didn’t know what to say. It should be noted that the questioner, a well-read and informed citizen, had good faith, but in a way he was troubled not to have an elaborate, consistent speech.

My friend confessed to me that since then he asks that question every day and does not find a cool answer that provides him with too many «likes» on networks. However, he told me that he has discovered that there are two principles that illuminate something this mess that so much resembles the knot of Gordias and that hold his being an educator. One: love for things well done. Two: the strict sense of duty.

On the one hand, my friend believes that it is good that teachers take care to do our work very well, putting effort and tenacity, leaving our soul in our task. And yes, she loves to enjoy this beautiful adventure that is education when we manage to give our best. And love. To love love, because in giving is the greatness of our way of being in the world.

Secondly, he spoke to me about how he has always tried to set an example of work, of effort. He has always believed, because he learned it from his elders, that our profession does not understand ordinary schedules or calendars. Duty, so hidden at times, so in the shadow of rights. Duty, which has value of value. And he believes in his truth, because he believes that it is something that dignifies us and means us.

That’s what my friend said. He knows it was a little viral response, but feeling questioned helped him open the window and combat the spray of laziness. Just as Don Antonio did, the wise and responsible master of «Chronicles of a People», that television series from the early 1970s that in the Spain of the late Franco regime fascinated him, and millions of Spaniards, from the simplicity of his story. And I sign what my friend says, because we’re so much alike that we even think we’re the same person.

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